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Is it possible to change a default sound/stroke? In this case -th.

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Is it possible to change a default sound/stroke? In this case -th.

Postby p2tog » Fri Oct 21, 2016 9:22 pm

A friend gave me a copy of her Moody Method textbooks so I've been using those to get me started. I've reached the point where they use the * for capitalizing... for example, PW*EUL for the name "Bill" as opposed to PWEUL for "bill." One of the practice words was "Pat": PA*T. I stroke it in Plover and get "path" (*T being "-th" in Plover theory). So I looked into how Moody writes -th and it's -GT.

I'm still playing around with it but I think for me the -GT might be easier to remember and read when I'm going through my notes. Is there a way to globally assign -GT as -th or would I have to go through and update every single entry for words that end in -th? That seems like it would be... tedious.

On the flip side, is there a reason I should reconsider the whole *T vs -GT thing? Does *T actually make things easier in a way I haven't gotten to yet? How would I write the name "Pat" with the default Plover dictionary, or would I have to fingerspell it?


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