Plover, Learn!

Drills from the Learn Plover! book.

Lesson 1: One-Syllable Words
Lesson 1: Consonant Clusters
Lesson 2: Wheres the TRUFT?
Lesson 2: Dropping Unstressed Vowels
Lesson 2: Inversion
Lesson 3A 1: The Fifth Vowel Key
Lesson 3A 2: Long Vowel Chords
Lesson 3A 3: Dipthong Chords
Lesson 3A 4: Vowel Disambiguator Chords
Lesson 3B: The Missing Keys
Lesson 3C: The Remaining Single Letters
Lesson 3C: Including Sounds from Previous Lessons
Lesson 3D: Digraphs
Lesson 3D: Including Sounds from Previous Lessons
Lesson 3E: Common Compound Clusters
Lesson 3E: Including Sounds from Previous Lessons
Lesson 3F: Fingerspelling!
Lesson 4A: Common briefs 1-20
Lesson 4B: Common briefs 21-40
Lesson 4C: Common briefs 41-60
Lesson 4D: Common briefs 61-80
Lesson 4E: Common briefs 81-100

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Confused? These drills are for use with Plover, which is part of the Open Steno Project.

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