This is Take Four, an instant-drop tetromino game that is designed to be controlled using a stenotype. Tested with Plover.

The game starts immediately when the page is loaded, or when the input for reset is entered.

Random pieces are dropped one by one into the pit; they are displayed just above the already dropped pieces.

A steno stroke designates the direction, column and optional tucking of the piece. All of them have default values, and can be omitted from the stroke.


After a piece lands, it can be moved one column to the left or to the right before it is locked.

If tucking is used, the column will always designate the desired position after the move.

Tucking and direction take right hand side steno keys including the asterisk.


If one of columns #0-6 is chosen, the piece will be dropped so that its leftmost part will fall on the column. Columns #7-9 align the piece on the right.

The default is column #4, which is also where the preview pieces are shown.

Column takes left hand side steno keys. It is allowed to set one column to empty (by default, it is column #4); to drop there, use either a direction or tucking or both.


The default direction of a piece is up, where the "outstanding" block of the piece is the farthest up.

The colours of the pieces are randomly generated; this, and various steno options can be changed.

Note: The stenotype has to be set to output raw steno. In Plover, load an empty dictionary, a file the contains the text {}.

Pieces /min sec/piece
Lines /min sec/line move/line
Twos /min sec/two move/two
Threes /min sec/three move/three
Fours /min sec/four move/four
tuck left left up right tuck right
0 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9

Show column names
Show colours