StenoKnight CART Services: Realtime Captioning
		for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
"She was absolutely amazing. There is nothing I would change and I would recommend her to anyone that needs this service! I would not have made it through the semester without her."

-- Yasmeen Khaskia, Medical Student at Ross University School of Medicine

"Mirabai Knight is a highly qualified and experienced CART reporter. Working with her was a pleasure. She has also proved to have some of the most versatile methods of transforming the spoken word into an accessible format for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. With Mirabai, I never had to worry about whether or not she would be able to CART should any variable change -- from videos to large lectures to small seminars to group interviews -- Mirabai was able to handle it all!"

-- Navena F. Chaitoo, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

"We are enormously pleased with StenoKnight. The work we send to StenoKnight is highly technical; we use StenoKnight to transcribe telephone interviews with physicians on complex medical subjects. Even with the most difficult material and thickest accents, StenoKnight does a spectacularly good job. We have now been using StenoKnight for approximately two years, during which we have never been disappointed. In addition to quality work, StenoKnight is fast, reliable, and reasonably priced. I recommend StenoKnight without reservation."

-- David Kellner, Vice President and Editorial Director at Ethis Communications, Inc.

"I have been using Mirabai's service as a CART provider since 2008, and she is fabulous: Always on time and ready to provide her service. Her speed is remarkable. More impressively, Mirabai exhibits broad knowledge. I have seen other providers having problems with medical terminology used during lectures, but Mirabai CARTs with ease. Since I've had Mirabai, following and understanding professors during lectures has been very easy, because Mirabai provides me accurate information."

-- Student in the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at Long Island University

"Working with Mirabai was a dream. She was the first CART operator that I had worked with, but I had heard some horror stories about others. So I was nervous about meeting new people, impressing a potential grad school program, and participating in a new-to-me technology. In Mirabai's capable hands, I had nothing to worry about. The event went incredibly smoothly. Captions were accurate and with almost no lag time. Her setup made both a lecture and a one-on-one conversation nearly effortless for me. I'd work with Mirabai again in a heartbeat."

-- Christopher Taylor Edwards, Designer and Writer at None, An Agency

"Thank you so much for providing CART reporting services for the Westchester Walk4Hearing this past weekend. You were very easy to work with, extremely professional, and completely accurate in your captioning services for our audience of hundreds. Thanks for helping to make this day a tremendous success."

-- Steve Wolfert and Roberta Seidner, Co-Chairs, Westchester Walk4Hearing

"CART is equivalent to a wheelchair ramp for people with hearing loss. It provides access to everyone who needs it and passive assistance to those who do not self identify as being hard of hearing/deaf. Special thanks to Ms. Knight for her skilled, accurate, and timely transcription."

-- Ruth Bernstein, Co-Coordinator at Advocates for Better Communication

"I'd like to send you a complimentary copy of my thesis. It wouldn't have been the same without your expert and thoughtful captioning."

-- Graduate of the MFA Poetry Program at Long Island University

"Mirabai was a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed her energy and intelligence as well as her skill at CART."

-- Professor with Math for America

"Mirabai is amazing! Such a positive attitude, and willing to go to any length to do a superb job!"

-- Brigid Cahalan, Outreach Coordinator at the New York Public Library

"As an owner, I am shocked at how much I have to micro-manage. I learned very quickly that wouldn't be necessary with Mirabai. She is reliable and very capable, and I'm thrilled to have her on board as one of our independent contractors!"

-- Jennifer M. Bonfilio, RMR-CBC-CCP, Director of Operations at Coast 2 Coast Captioning

"Really awesome, fantastic, and fast service. Definitely using you again if something comes up."

-- Kai Kraus, delegate at Model United Nations Conference

"Mirabai is a great CART reporter -- on time, accurate, tech-savvy, capable of handling difficult jargon, and fun to work with. Wunderbar!"

-- Alumnus of New York University Law School

"Mirabai is pretty impressive."
"If you need CART service, I recommend her!"
"I have a newfound respect for captioners."
"Great job on captioning."
"Captioning was spot-on wonderful."

-- Chat room commenters on That Keith Wann Show