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ChaosCommunicationCongress2016 33c3

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This page is work in progress.

Chaos Communication Congress (33C3) 2016

The Chaos Communication Congress is an annual event organised by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) of Germany with the help of volunteers. For further details please refer to the according pages of the CCC.

General: CCC Homepage

2015: 32C3 Congress Wiki

2014: 31C3 Congress Wiki


Save the Date

The 33C3 will take place as usual between Christmas and new year: 2016/Dec/27 to 2016/Dec/30


On 32c3 it was mentioned the regular venue, Congress Center Hamburg, might not be available for 33c3 due to renovations. The news suggests these renovations have been postponed, though.


Tickets are usually sold in advance and online. The sales starts around mid of November and may soon be sold out.

Announcement of 32C3

Announcement of 31C3


The idea is to present the Open Steno Project and Plover at 33C3. There can be various parts:

  • a talk/presentation (long or short)
  • a workshop
  • an assembly

Currently it is not decided, which of these will happen. It very much depends on the number of supporters.


Here are two possibilities:

Lightning Talk

a talk of 3 or 5 min

Announcement of 31C3

Announcement of 32C3

Full Presentation

a talk of 30, 45, or even up to 60 min

Announcement of 31C3

Announcement of 32C3


This can be a lecture in a dedicated and well equiped room for the interested audience. See the following page for further details: Workshop

Announcement of 32C3


This is a free setup, basically a table and some chairs, which can be occupied over the whole congress. Further details on the following page: Assembly

Announcement of 32C3

Announcement of 31C3


Who brings what?

Hardware Item Who Status Purpose, Use
Stenoboard anobo available showcase
SoftHruf anobo available showcase


Usually any merchandise (for sale and better for free) is very welcome at the Chaos Communication Congress. This includes but is not limited to

  • Stickers
  • T-Shirts
  • Leaflets
  • Mugcups
  • Steno Keys Kits
  • ...


Issue How/Where
Travel planning train station Hamburg Dammtor
Hotel self
Tickets no tickets available anymore
Registration Lightning Talk 33C3 Congress Wiki