StenoKnight CART Services: Realtime Captioning
		for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

For Steno Students
Interactive Steno Demo
How I Got Out of Steno School
Is CART Easier than Court Reporting?
A Day in the Life of an Academic CART Provider

CART Problem Solving
Sitting Apart
Handling Slides
Classroom Videos
Superscript and Subscript
Schlepping Gear
Late Hours
Expensive Machines
Communicating Sans Steno
Cash Flow
Test Nerves
Speech Recognition, Part I
Speech Recognition, Part II
Speech Recognition, Part III
Speech Recognition, Part IV

For Steno and Access Professionals
How I Got Here
Voice Captioning Versus CART
How Coworking Saved My Home Life
Technical Accuracy and Semantic Accuracy
NatCapVidMo: 30 Captioned Videos in 30 Days

Interviews with Mirabai Knight
Mobile CART at the Met
Plover: Freeing Stenography
Typing at 255 WPM shouldn't cost $4000
Tech Corner: Walking CART (PDF; page 4)
CART with Mirabai on That Keith Wann Show
Do You Know About Realtime Captioning? (PDF)
What ASL Interpreters Should Know About Captioning

The articles below were originally written for The Plover Project blog. Plover is the world's first free, open source, cross platform steno software. It is currently in development, and regular releases of the program are available for download at the Plover Github.

What is Steno Good For?
Part One: How to Speak With Your Fingers
Part Two: Writing and Coding
Part Three: The Ergonomic Argument
Part Four: Mobile and Wearable Computing
Part Five: Raw Speed
Part Six: CART, Court, and Captioning

Steno 101
How to Do It?
Lesson Zero
Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Lesson Four

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