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Welcome to the Plover Wiki

Plover (pronounced PLUH-VER, not PLOE-VER) is the world's first free, open source stenography engine. Plover works on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX.

This wiki was created by Plover users, for Plover users, and is provided as a lateral method of "information acquisition" and "information revelation" to supplement the information provided on Mirabai's site, which is formatted with the hierarchical blog structure. This will hopefully offset some of the work by the developers and reduce the potential bottlenecks which arise when the developers get busy. The wiki will also serve as a more organized way to gather information between users over the current google group. This wiki hopes to foster the sharing of information between users and--with enough pooled information--become a one-stop shop for those interested in learning Plover to become proficient stenographers.

Plover was originally created by Mirabai Knight and Joshua Harlan Lifton, and is the software arm of The Open Steno Project, an umbrella organization for open source steno tools. The current lead developer is Theodore Morin.



If you're interested in helping out, the project is currently hosted on github. Check out the source code or see the issues to see what is currently needed for the project. Or look at the Status of Current Tasks page for a list of progress on bugs and features as well as on wider issues concerning the Plover Project.