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Practice sentences with 2-key words

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The following are all sentences that are made up of Plover words that can be typed with only one or two keys. This makes these sentences great for people who are first trying out Plover, and who still have only a 2KRO keyboard.

Quick hints for new people

  • R-R is Enter/Return
  • The * button is Backspace
  • The sentences have minimal punctuation and capitalization on purpose to make them easy to enter
  • Consonants with a dash (like -B) or Consonants after a vowel (like OD) are on the right side. All other consonants are on the left side.

Practice sentences

it would be perfect if we could have it at about 100
it=T would=WO be=-B perfect=P-F if=TP we=WE could=KO have=SR it=T at=AT about=P 100=S-Z
could you add about 100 to every account as interest?
could=KO you=U add=AD about=P 100=S-Z to=O every=EF account=K-T as=AZ interest=TR ?=H-F
if you have confidence you are as odd as he is
if=TP you=U have=SR confidence=K-F you=U are=R as=AZ odd=OD as=AZ he=E is=S
I will ask you if you can recall with easy confidence
I=EU will=HR ask=SK you=U if=TP you=U can=K recall=R-L with=W easy=EZ confidence=K-F
you will be in awe of the account we have with the company
you=U will=HR be=-B in=PH awe=AU of=-F the=-T account=K-T we=WE have=SR with=W the=-T company=K-P
I can charge interest if it is something that he did
I=EU can=K charge=KH interest=TR if=TP it=T is=S something=S-G that=HA he=E did=TK
is it odd that I have confidence in the egg company?
is=S it=T odd=OD that=HA I=EU have=SR confidence=K-F in=PH the=-T egg=EG company=K-P ?=H-F
I consider it odd that you could be in awe of something so easy
I=EU consider=KR it=T odd=OD that=HA you=U could=KO be=-B in=PH awe=AU of=-F something=S-G so=SO easy=EZ
if the interest in the egg will ebb will you consider the request?
if=TP the=-T interest=TR in=PH the=-T egg=EG will=HR ebb=EB will=HR you=U consider=KR the=-T request=KW ?=H-F
every account would be of interest if you would request that he examine it
every=EF account=K-T would=WO be=-B of=-F interest=TR if=TP you=U would=WO request=KW that=HA he=E examine=KP it=T
if you have the handgun it ought to be odd
if=TP you=U have=SR the=-T handgun=H-G it=T ought=OT to=O be=-B odd=OD
he can charge the company if I add it up
he=E can=K charge=KH the=-T company=K-P if=TP I=EU add=AD it=T up=UP
you are in charge of the account if you have confidence
you=U are=R in=PH charge=KH of=-F the=-T account=K-T if=TP you=U have=SR confidence=K-F
could it be that the reason it'll be off is that somebody had something to ask?
could=KO it=T be=-B that=HA the=-T reason=R-P it'll=T-L be=-B off=OF is=S that=HA somebody=S-B had=H something=S-G to=O ask=SK ?=H-F
recall that the reason is that it's about 100 kilograms
recall=R-L that=HA the=-T reason=R-P is=S that=HA it's=T-S about=P 100=S-Z kilogram=K-G s=-S
I consider it to be off if he is on the account
I=EU consider=KR it=T to=O be=-B off=OF if=TP he=E is=S on=OB the=-T account=K-T
we ought to examine the account or the odd charge from the company
we=WE ought=OT to=O examine=KP the=-T account=K-T or=OR the=-T odd=OD charge=KH from=PR the=-T company=K-P
I owe about 100 or so interest in the company account so this is perfect
I=EU owe=OE about=P 100=S-Z or=OR so=SO interest=TR in=PH the=-T company=K-P account=K-T so=SO this=TH is=S perfect=P-F
the reason of the prognosis is perfect if you ask us
the=-T reason=R-P of=-F the=-T prognosis=P-G is=S perfect=P-F if=TP you=U ask=SK us=US
would you consider the request so that somebody can have the handgun?
would=WO you=U consider=KR the=-T request=KW so=SO that=HA somebody=S-B can=K have=SR the=-T handgun=H-G ?=H-F
I have something that he ought to consider about the company
I=EU have=SR something=S-G that=HA he=E ought=OT to=O consider=KR about=P the=-T company=K-P
I consider tuberculosis to be the perfect prognosis as will you
I=EU consider=KR tuberculosis=T-B to=O be=-B the=-T perfect=P-F prognosis=P-G as=AZ will=HR you=U
the interest will add up if you request the recall from us
the=-T interest=TR will=HR add=AD up=UP if=TP you=U request=KW the=-T recall=R-L from=PR us=US
after this who will have the confidence to examine the reason?
after=AF this=TH who=HO will=HR have=SR the=-T confidence=K-F to=O examine=KP the=-T reason=R-P ?=H-F
he would be with you if you would have confidence
he=E would=WO be=-B with=W you=U if=TP you=U would=WO have=SR confidence=K-F
you'd be in awe of this if you could recall the prognosis
you'd=UD be=-B in=PH awe=AU of=-F this=TH if=TP you=U could=KO recall=R-L the=-T prognosis=P-G
I recall that you've had interest in the odd account
I=EU recall=R-L that=HA you've=UF had=H interest=TR in=PH the=-T odd=OD account=K-T
he can be in charge of the company account or something
he=E can=K be=-B in=PH charge=KH of=-F the=-T company=K-P account=K-T or=OR something=S-G
did you have it easy or had to owe with interest?
did=TK you=U have=SR it=T easy=EZ or=OR had=H to=O owe=OE with=W interest=TR ?=H-F