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Steno Keyboard Graphic Generator

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From Plover contributor Michael Wilber.

Here it is in website form:

The source code is on github, written in python+pycairo:

Requires Javascript. Click on the steno keys to toggle them. Not very accessible; sorry, it's just a quick hack for now. Makes nice URLs though:

This hopefully makes writing documents a little easier if you don't want to draw all those steno boards yourself.

It might be nice to hook this up to our wiki as a Mediawiki template or something. Then people could write something like...

   "To have Plover hit Enter, press: Template:Board
    To spell World, press: Template:Board" have automatic steno boards inline with the text. If we want to go down that route, we should set this up on a real web server instead of my small box with its frequent downtime and breakage all afoot. I'm willing to help with this.