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Steno Machine Notes

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Acculaw has a list of different machines and their features here.

Note that machines without Realtime will not work with Plover.[1]

Stentura Machines

Stentura 200 SRT

Note that the Stentura 200 SRT is by default a manual machine with a manual touch; however, as talked about in this thread it is possible to wedge a piece of plastic or a string into the machines to get a similar touch to the Stentura 400 SRT.

Lower Cost Generic Cables vs. Stenograph Specific Cables

People have had varying success using lower cost generic cables versus Stenograph specific cables.

As of April 2016 a Google Groups search in the Plover group for stentura 400 srt yielded various threads on this:

Stentura 400 SRT, Mac, Plover. - Generic cable reported working on a mac.

Stentura 400 SRT USB-Serial adapters - Crossover cable was used to get it working.

Plover and Stentura 8000LX troubleshooting - Not clear if the person got it to work.

USB to Serial Adapters


  1. Though, according to a page written by Glen Warner it was possible at least at one point for a $400 fee to add Realtime capability even to a machine from the 1950's. See and do a search for "non-realtime ready machine"