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I'm an aspiring Steno writer. While waiting for my Sidewinder to come in, I'm practicing with 2 keyboards at the same time, one for my left hand, one for my right, both of which *don't* have NKRO.

I'll put stuff here that I want to write down, and occasionally link to.

My Plover TypeRacer account:

Woot! I finally got my Sidewinder!

Recommended translations

"TPEUF/TAOEPB": "fifteen",
"SEUBGS/TAOEPB": "sixteen",
"AET/TAOEPB": "eighteen",
"TPHAOEUPB/TAOEPB": "nineteen",

Putting dictionary edits in your own dictionary

  • Create a new file filename.json
  • Edit the file, add the following without quotes: "{}"
  • In Plover, click configure, Dictionary, Add Dictionary, browse to filename.json, Open
  • Make sure your added dictionary is at the bottom (Hit the arrow buttons)
  • Click Save (Do this now! If you add translations before doing this, stuff gets messed up, and the translations don't end up in the new dictionary)
  • Now you can go back and add translations.

Getting StenoTray to work

On Windows 7:

  • Download StenoTray from, extract the zip file.
  • Make a file stenotray.cfg in your plover config dir: c:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\plover\plover\
  • Add in the line without quotes: "PLOVER_CONFIG = c:\Users\Marius\AppData\Local\plover\plover\plover.cfg"
  • Doublecheck that logging is turned on and that your plover.cfg has a log file entry.
  • Run StenoTray.jar by doubleclicking
  • If you get the error "Could not find the main class: StenoTray. Program will exit", then you probably don't have the current folder in your java path. You can instead run the file by making a shortcut or bat file that runs it like this without quotes: "java -Djava.ext.dirs=. -Djava.library.path=. StenoTray"

Note that StenoTray doesn't output anything before you have 3 characters when fingerspelling, although it may give an output based on strokes.

My plover.cfg

[Main Frame]
x = 1968
y = 738

[Machine Configuration]
machine_type = NKRO Keyboard
auto_start = False

[Logging Configuration]
log_file = C:\Users\Marius\AppData\Local\plover\plover\plover.log
enable_stroke_logging = True
enable_translation_logging = True

[Stroke Display]
show = False
style = Paper
x = 1676
y = 272

[NKRO Keyboard]
arpeggiate = False

[Dictionary Configuration]
dictionary_file1 = C:\Users\Marius\AppData\Local\plover\plover\dict.json
dictionary_file2 = F:\Dropbox\Mqriusdict.json

My stenotray.cfg

PLOVER_CONFIG = C:\Users\Marius\AppData\Local\plover\plover\plover.cfg
SIMPLIFY = false

My dict.json

My dict.json is default. All my edits go into Mariusdict.json

My Mariusdict.json

The unicode characters are the “angled quotes”.

"A/HREBGS": "Alex",
"A/KOUPBT": "account",
"AET/TAOEPB": "eighteen",
"AL/KHE/PHEUFT": "alchemist",
"AL/WAEUS": "always",
"AOEU/SO/HRAEUT": "isolate",
"H*PL": "hmmm",
"H-PL/-PL": "hmm",
"H-PL/-PL/-PL": "hmmm",
"HA/HA": "haha",
"HA/HA/HA": "hahaha",
"HOT/KAOE": "hotkey",
"HRA*RDZ": "Let me know if you have any questions!{#Return}{^}Best regards,{#Return}{^}Marius",
"HROL": "lol",
"KAPB/RAOES": "canaries",
"KAUPB/SREBGT/EUF": "convective",
"KPHURL": "{^}.com",
"KPWH-R/KWRUS": "Mqrius",
"KPWHR/KWRUS": "Mqrius",
"KPWOEUPB": "Bitcoin",
"KR*GS": "{^\"}",
"KR-GS": "{\"^}",
"KREUPT/KUR": "cryptocurrency",
"KREUPT/KURS": "cryptocurrencies",
"KUS/TOPL/AERL": "customarily",
"KW*GS": "{^\u201d}",
"KW-GS": "{\u201c^}",
"KWRUFT/EUPB": "Justin",
"OP/POE/TPHEPBT": "opponent",
"OUDZ/ER": "outsider",
"PH-FP": "{!}",
"PHAR/KWRUS": "Marius",
"PHO*EUPB": "{immuno^}",
"PHRAOFR": "Plover",
"PR*EPB": "{^)}",
"PREPB": "{(^}",
"PW-FP": "{#BackSpace}",
"PWAUFT": "because of the",
"PWOUBG": "Bouke",
"PWRA*RDZ": "Best regards,{#Return}{^}Marius",
"PWRARDZ": "best regards",
"R*R": "{#Return}{^}{-|}",
"RAFP/PWER/KWREUS": "raspberries",
"SAOEUD/WAOEUPBD/*ER": "sidewinder",
"SAU/ROPB": "Sauron",
"SEUBGS/TAOEPB": "sixteen",
"SEUFL/SAEUGS": "civilization",
"SOEU/HREPBT": "Soylent",
"SPHAO*EUL": ":){-|}",
"T*UPBG": ":P",
"TKAP/-LG": "dappling",
"TKAP/HREUPBG": "dappling",
"TKOFPBT": "doesn't",
"TKOUPB/HRAOD": "download",
"TKPWAL/KPEU": "galaxy",
"TKPWAO/TKPWHR": "Google",
"TKPWEUT": "{^git}",
"TKPWR*EUPB": ":D{-|}",
"TP-BG": "{!}",
"TPEUF/TAOEPB": "fifteen",
"TPEUL/OS/TPER": "philosopher",
"TPH*L": "Netherlands",
"TPHAOEUPB/TAOEPB": "nineteen",
"TURPBD": "turned",
"UP/HROED": "upload",
"WARPB/URL": "\\u201d",
"WEB/KAPL": "webcam",
"WR*RB": "{#Return}{#Return}{^}{-|}",
"WR-RB": "{#Return}{#Return}",
"WUT": "wut"

Notes to self

"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_25\bin\javac.exe" *.java
"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_25\bin\jar.exe" cfm StenoTray.jar StenoTray.manifest *.class
C:\Windows\System32\java.exe -Djava.ext.dirs=. -Djava.library.path=. StenoTray
build.bat F:\Software\Python27\Scripts\pyinstaller.exe